Model and Simulation in Concert

A dataflow language and IDE for modeling and simulation of discrete time systems

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Interactive Debugging

CertSAFE is an interactive interface where simulations and diagrams function in concert. Simulated behavior populates throughout the system allowing easy identification of transition points and behavior root cause.

Team Collaboration

CertSAFE is built to support team collaboration unlike any tool currently available. Users are able to work concurrently in a system, review with the no cost CertSAFE Reader, or share human readable CertSAFE code.

Immediate Feedback

Committed changes, made at any level in the CertSAFE, resonate throughout the entire system; simulations, and probe points update in real time to reflect model changes.

System Navigation

Large systems are easily navigated to reveal system interdependence. Additionally, consumer, producer, and alias relationships of I/O are automatically populated to further enhance system clarity.

Unambiguous Communication

Models provide a level of clarity and usability rarely attainable through conventional text methods. CertSAFE eliminates the possibility of ambiguities and ensures planning mistakes do not become requirement or code errors.

Design Reuse

All models created in CertSAFE are reusable as sub-system components. Common use components may become part of a custom palette for easy access and reuse.

Open Formats

CertSAFE exclusively utilizes open formats, such as .csv and .xml, to provide users workflow and tool flexibility.